Adding ZEST to Product Supply in the Eastern Cape

Complacency is a very risky attribute for any business. The likelihood of future sustainability increases by actively researching the market and constantly seeking out new opportunities. The Zest WEG Group branch in Port Elizabeth is energetically growing its customer base in a number of market sectors within the Eastern Cape.

Branch manager at Zest WEG Group in Port Elizabeth, Karen Meyer, explains that while the company continues to supply a large number of motors to its traditional clients, the pursuit of new markets coupled with the introduction of an increasing range of quality products, is a current vision. “Zest WEG Group started a branch in Port Elizabeth after demand from local fan manufacturer Donkin increased. Logistically, it was easier to establish a permanent base in the Eastern Cape, rather than shipping product to our customer. Read the rest of this entry »


The significant growth experienced by the Zest WEG Group’s holding company, leading Brazilian motor and controls manufacturer WEG, promises to continue, following the 2011 introduction of a strategic plan to accelerate its ever expanding global network of businesses and manufacturing plants. The strategic plan is expected to ensure that the WEG Group increases its sales by at least 17% year on year until 2020, when it aims to arrive at a turnover of US$10-billion.

Harry Schmelzer, executive president and CEO of WEG, was in South Africa recently to participate in the 2013 BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Summit. With the possible exception of Russia, BRICS members are all developing or newly industrialised countries, who are distinguished by their large, fast-growing economies and significant influence on regional and global affairs.  Read the rest of this entry »

WEG GROUP’S Dynamic Year-on-year growth expected to continue

A Group strategy focused on accelerating leading Brazilian motor and controls manufacturer WEG’s expanding global network of businesses and manufacturing plants is achieving dynamic year-on-year growth that is expected to gain momentum in the years ahead. WEG is the holding company of Zest WEG Group, the acknowledged leader in the supply of electric motors, variable speeds drives, transformers and switchgear in Africa.

“In 2011, the same year in which our Group strategy was launched and in the wake of the economic crisis, WEG achieved 19% growth — and again in 2012,” Harry Schmelzer, executive president and CEO of WEG, says. Schmelzer was in South Africa recently to participate in the 2013 BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Summit. Read the rest of this entry »

Electric Motors and VSD’s tailor made for unpredictable African business environment

A range of variable-speed drives (VSD) and electric motors, specifically tailored to the African market, has experienced solid sales figures since its recent launch according to specialised electric motors supplier Zest WEG Group

Although the company has diversified through various acquisitions, the Zest WEG Group continues to see its motors and drives as a core part of its business operations and strives daily to improve the company’s overall product and service offering,” says David Claassen, Zest WEG Group business development manager. Read the rest of this entry »

EML Motors Drive Cost Effective Productivity

The current economic climate has forced businesses to find creative ways of reducing their expenditure, without compromising quality. This interesting dilemma has resulted in a mindset shift that encapsulates sourcing alternative products from reliable and well-established suppliers. EML, a division of Zest Electric Motors and part of the Zest WEG Group, provides its customers with a cost effective range of motors for a variety of industries.

There is a real need in industry for businesses to deal with a reputable supplier that offers quality motors with a high level of support. Maximising production and minimising downtime remain predominating factors for industry. EML motors have found great acceptance in industry because of their high levels of uptime when driving plant and equipment. Read the rest of this entry »

Energy saving – complete solutions from Zest WEG

The Zest WEG Group believes it is well positioned to make a key contribution to the energy-saving initiatives which are currently underway in the African mining sector, both in terms of the products it can offer and the services it can render. Zest Electric Motors, for example, the founding company on which the Group was built, is able to supply mines with the latest energy-saving electric motors – up to the demanding and internationally recognised IE3 specification – while Zest Energy, one of the Group companies, is focused on providing integrated power generation, co-generation and energy solutions.
According to Gary Daines, Group Sales & Marketing Director of Zest WEG Group, there has been a noticeable shift by the mining sector towards energy-saving electric motors. “Previously mines tended to opt for motors meeting the requirements of IE1 – in other words, they were buying standard efficiency motors, which are not optimised for energy saving,” he says. “Now we’re seeing more and more mines move to IE2motors, which are high efficiency, or even the IE3 or premium efficiency units. The IE2 and IE3 motors have a higher initial cost – as one would expect – but there is now a growing recognition that this is a minor cost compared to the savings that accrue as a result of lower electricity consumption.”

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As part of its continued growth across the African continent, the Zest WEG Group has drawn subsidiary company IMS Cape, the oldest and largest generator set manufacturer in Cape Town, into its corporate brand. The business is now known as the Zest WEG Group’s Generator Set Division.

“As a Group we’re experiencing real growth, both in South Africa and in other parts of the continent, and our brand is becoming well recognised in the region,” Gary Daines, Zest WEG Group’s sales and marketing director, explains. “At the same time, the genset business has evolved into a genuine solutions provider and, as such, is very much a part of the Group’s total solution. At this point it makes sense to incorporate this business into the group brand.

“We have a vigorous business development team active from our Johannesburg headquarters whose responsibility is to expand our footprint into Africa. Integrating the genset business into the main brand will also strengthen the presentation of our Group offering, particularly since many mining operations in remote areas of the continent are running off alternate energy sources, such as diesel and HFO (heavy fuel oil).”

The Zest WEG Group acquired the generator business in 2007 from the IMS Group of companies and, with subsequent significant investment in both infrastructure and manufacturing plant, has developed this genset manufacturing concern to a specialist supplier capable of designing and custom-producing generator sets to suit specific applications. The division’s capacities are available in either stationary or portable configurations from 20 kVA up to 2 500 kVA and can be increased upwards with multiple synchronised sets.

Key sector users of generator sets produced by the Zest WEG Group’s Generator Set Division include telecommunications, mining, municipal, retail and shopping complexes, marine, hotels, offices, hospitals and clinics. This technology is also being increasingly required in the energy, industrial and petrochemical sectors.

Integrated packages include mechanical and electrical manufacture and assembly as well as electronic design that incorporates control panel manufacture. The Generator Set Division also provides supply and installation of transformers, cabling, bulk fuel systems and sound attenuation with standby generators on a turnkey basis, together with project management, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

To date the division has supplied equipment throughout Africa, as far afield as Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana and the DRC.

Zest WEG Group Moves Into New Fit For Purpose Premises In Montague Gardens

The Zest WEG Group has moved into new fit for purpose premises in Omuramba Road, Montague Gardens, in a move that Gary Daines, Zest WEG Group’s sales and marketing director, says has positioned the group for robust future growth as the Cape Town team takes advantage of the many opportunities coming to the fore in the area.

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